DSL Works On

Merchandising : 7 merchandiser

We have 7 merchandisers by this time who have the capacity to do the detail costing and support the buyer parallel to get the correct price from the factory. We do the thread bearing follow up with the strict time and action calender to make sure the goods are on correct fit, quality, and shipped on time.

Quality Controller : 15 Quality Controller

We have 15 Quality controller having textile background who are involved from the product development to shipment. They work hand in hand with the merchandisers, fit tech buyers manual and QA guideline. We follow AQL 2.5.


We have a strong compliance control team who’s job is to coach the factory’s  management to feel motivated  to maintain all the minimum compliance requirement as per the law of the land and minimum requirement from the buyers.


We have a details lab to cross check both fabric and garment on a daily basis when the INLINE QA are bringing the randomly picked fabric and garments from the production floor. This gives us a comfort level of assurance before we release the goods.


We have strong commercial team to follow up the documents and check the documents. As we assure the correct document on time so that customer do not have any problem to release the goods.

Current Buyer

Melon Fashion Group (Russia), COTTON ON (Australia), HEATONS (Ireland), MAXIMA GROUP UAB (Lithuania), GATE, s.r.o (Slovak republic), TAKHIRO CLOTHING P.O. (SPAIN), LPP S.A ( POLAND), OFFTEX AG, CHICOREE (Switzerland) and few other retailer.

Manufacturing Units

We have 1 factories by ourselves which is 100% Compliance and from where we could give you support in all aspects on the other hand, we are working on BSCI and ACCORD certified . On the other hand, we are working on some other factories which follows the Buyer’s target price also.
Beside 5 factories, we have a separate strong trading units to source new factory in Bangladesh.


Our strength : Polo, Tee, any kind of basic and fancy knit.
We are working on any size range with baby,girls,boys,men and Ladies too. We are expert on  Printing  sector.We are working on Fleece  items  also.
We are working regularly on Tricot Fabrics trousers.


Our strength : 1,5 and 7 gg and 12gg Sweater, Cardigan, Pullover etc.


We are working regularly Basic 5 pocket Denim Pant, Cargo Pant, Jacket