About DSL & Why of work

DOEL SOURCING LIMITED is a garment manufacturing and trading company which provide the complete supply chain management and a one stop solution in clothing business out of Bangladesh.
DSL is always executes the orders as per the buyer’s requirement. Factory produces T-shirts, polo shirts, tank top, sweet shirts, basic t-shirts, long sleeve, high neck, ladies dress etc. It holds the quality, quantity and on time delivery under the supervision of DSL. We would like to inform you that we are the supplier for all kind of clothing.


Our strength: Heavy GSM French terry hooded sweat Shirt and Trouser, Polo, Fleece Jacket, T-Shirt, Sequin Knit Top, Underwear and any kind of basic and fancy knit etc.


Our strength: 1.5GG, 3GG, 5GG, 7GG and 12GG Sweater, Cardigan, Pullover etc.


Our Strength: Denim – Twill – Canvas – Rib stop, Corduroy- Pant, Shorts, Multi Cargo Pant, Skirt, Y/D Shirt, pant etc.